Why partner with Abel & Mercer?

We Work With Accountants

If you are an accountancy firm or work in the accountancy sector, partnering with Abel & Mercer on Research & Development Tax Credits could see benefits for both you and your clients.

Partner with us and be at the forefront of providing unrivalled accountancy services to your clients. Our team can identify (from just an initial call or meeting) whether your client may be eligible to claim R&D Tax Relief.

Abel & Mercer offer flexible pricing options, including success Only fees for R&D Tax Relief claims, calculated as a percentage of the Corporation Tax savings, with no additional consultancy fees.

Are your clients eligible for R&D tax relief?

Are your clients eligible
for R&D tax relief?

UK businesses in any industry or sector can claim R&D tax credits, subject to activities that qualify for research and development. As long as the client is a UK limited company, we will gladly assist you with your clients R&D tax credits claim or handle the entire process on your (or their) behalf.

Our team can identify from just an initial no obligation assessment whether your client may be eligible to claim R&D Tax Relief. We can also assist your team to present Research and Development Tax advice to potential clients and existing clients.

What we offer as partners?

Our Partnership

Having Abel & Mercer as your R&D Tax Credits partner, you will have access to our highly qualified team of experts and resources; we provide tailored solutions for innovative Research and Development funding solutions.

We qualify and monitor relevant opportunities for your clients by:

    • Enhancing your client services
    • Growing your client base
    • Upskilling your team with our training
    • Providing referral fee income
    • Promoting and extend your reputational reach
    • Saving your time and mone.

The benefits of
partnering with us

We want to help more clients benefit from R&D tax relief and fuel innovation in the United Kingdom. We can help you identify those businesses that may be missing out on important funding.

Partner with us to:

    • Benefit from our expertise and technical experience in R&D Tax
    • Add value to your work with your clients
    • Help claim funding clients were unaware they were eligible for
    • Stand out from the crowd at a time of rising competition
    • Feel assured your clients’ claims can be processed successfully

Partner With us

Our R&D Referral Scheme

Abel & Mercer is interested in developing long-term working relationships with Accountants and Business Advisors to provide additional value to our partners and clients. We offer attractive and flexible referral schemes. We also provide flexible White labelled R&D Tax credit services for several accountancy firms.


We like to get to know our partners and their mission before finding the perfect collaboration. If you would like to learn more, please leave your contact details below or contact us at, and we’ll be in touch.

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